The design and the production of a safe toy are extremely demanding, if one takes them on as seriously as we do. MAAMUU avail itself of Tüv Süd consulence about safety issues. They verify that our toys fully abide by the EC norms regulating safety of toys.


Mechanical safety

Norm EN71-1 describes the mechanical features a product must respect in order not to create dangerous situations during play, and describes the test methods to verify these features.
For this reason our products have no burr or cutting edges, they don't sting, they don't offer moving parts that can crush fingers, they brake in a easy and stable way, don't release swallowable pieces and keep their structural properties even after repeated falls or when soaked.

Chemical safety

Norm EN71-3 lists what chemicals are not allowed in toys production and in case a substance is allowed, the norm states the migration limits, that is the amount of that substance that can be released by a material through contact, suction, digestion.
That's why all the materials we use, all water-based paints, all formaldehyde-free glues, all hypoallergenic rubbers and plastics are certified according to EN71-3.