MAAMUU toys are not mass products. The artisan constructive care, the choice of exquisite and environmental-friendly materials, the fact that each piece is unique, the extremely careful design... all this makes MAAMUU toys definitely exclusive.

Unique toys


There is no such thing as two identical MAAMUU toys! Each frame is the outcome of artisan passion of wood workers. It differs from each other for its pattern, roughness, color nuances. Each felt handbag contains little textile imperfections that make it peculiar.
Every child is different, and every toy by MAAMUU is proudly unique.

Attention to detail


On this matter we are hardliners, we can't settle for a compromise. Starting from the choice of suppliers, material, components, going through production and assembly, all the way to packaging and shipment... we pay attention to every detail to offer your child a superior product. To the sight, to the touch: the difference with other toys is perceivable.

Exquisite and natural materials


Wood, stainless steel, aluminium alloys and natural felt. Hypoallergenic rubber and synthetic leather. Everything is built around the frame, that is produced in Italy with layers of European beechwood deriving from sustainable timber farming (that is from FSC-labelled companies). While overlaying these noble layers of wood, we carefully select the surfaces to get the best aesthetic effect from the natural veining of beech. Then the wood gets curved through a 40 minutes long process, which gives our frame its excellent mechanical properties.
All joints and parts that are subject to wear are made of stainless steel or oxydized aluminium alloys , as well as the spoked wheels running on ball-bearing hubs with quick releases.
All this to stand the most lively wannabe-pilots, as well as the passing of time.

Excellence in design


I want to become a child again! That is what you'll think while standing in front of a toy by MAAMUU. Just don't linger too long on the captivating beauty of our toys, on sinuous lines, on the feeling of smoothness and soundness you get by touching them. Enjoy the fact that everything was thought and designed in the most functional, safe and yet funny way.