These General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter "GTC") explain your rights and obligations in connection with the purchase, ordering, receipt or delivery of products Maamuu Sagl (hereinafter "Maamuu") through the website (hereinafter "website")


Maamuu Sagl,

via Pasquerio 117,

6527, Lodrino, Svizzera

Write to the above address or via e-mail a 

The processing of your orders

You you agree with the transfer of personal data you made available to third parties that have been fully or partially responsible for Maamuu processing of your order. Maamuu only transmits data or information or pieces of data or information that has been disclosed in connection with the preparation of your order and must be submitted for the purpose of a rapid and efficient processing.

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Prices and payment methods:

a) For customers living in Switzerland: prices are shown in CHF and include VAT.

b) For customers living in the EU: prices are shown in EUR and include VAT.

The full amount of your order must be payed before the goods are shipped. The deadline for the balance of the orders to be payed by bank transfer is 14 days, after which the order is deemed invalid.

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Shipping conditions

For customers living in Switzerland: your product will be exclusively shipped to Switzerland or to The Principate of Liechtenstein, or to Campione d'Italia or to Büsingen.

Conditions and prices vary according the size and weight of the products. Maamuu reserves the rights of modifying the shipping costs without further notice.

The products you purchased are usually shipped within 24 working hours from the order confirmation.

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Refusal of acceptance

In the case of unjustified refusal of acceptance of the items delivered by us, we reserve the right to charge the costs borne by the originator and the activities that arise here. The fulfillment of the contract on our part shall remain unaffected.

Right of revocation

You have the right to return the product purchased on this website within 10 days of its receipt, in that case please write to

You  for the return delivery receipt and the product in complete and perfect condition in its original packaging, otherwise Maamuu can refuse to take delivery or reserve the corresponding deduction in credit of the goods.

The costs of shipping of returned goods are borne by the buyer.

After the entry and control of goods Maamuu reimburse the customer for the payments already made, not including the costs incurred for the return shipment. Products that have been manufactured per customer's wishes, or that are clearly tailored to the customer's requirements or that are not suitable for a reshipment, are not eligible for a revocation.


Maamuu offers a 2 year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. More details on the extent, the applicability and the conditions of this warranty are available here. If your product does not satisfy you in relation to the warranty conditions, please write to


Please note that Maamuu is only liable for consequential damages due to willful or gross negligence on the part of Maamuu.

Acceptance of your order

Acceptance of an order and the fulfillment of the contract between you and Maamuu occur when Maamuu sent your order or if you have received an order confirmation from Maamuu. Your order can not possibly be accepted when you experience any of the following cases:

  •     the product you ordered is not available,
  •     A problem arose in relation to the application of the price or the identification of the product, or
  •     Maamuu can not get any authorization for your payment.

Retention of title

All goods remain the property of Maamuu and the buyer does not acquire any ownership rights on products until they have been paid in full all amounts due on the product in question, including shipping, freight and all other costs any related purchase or delivery of the products concerned.

The customer is not entitled to assign to third parties the goods before full payment and then before the transfer of ownership of the goods to the customer.


For information purposes we recommend printing out a copy of your order for possible future use.

Law and Jurisdiction

Our business and therefore the relationship between customer and Maamuu are based exclusively on Swiss law to the exclusion of the legislation on the sale established by the United Nations.

Pretura di Riviera, Biasca, Svizzera (cantone Ticino)

Maamuu reserves the right to modify these Terms at any time.